Who We are Helping

Name: Nuerlanbaike Jianbaike
DOB: 20/06/2014
Gender: Male
Nation: Kirgiz
Diagnosis: Atrial septal defect (II), enlarged right atrium and right ventricle

His Situation...

Nuerlanbaike is a Kirgiz boy born in the Pamirs. His hometown is the Akto County Muji Town belonging to the Kizilsu Kirghiz Autonomous Prefecture, Xinjiang.

He is a very quiet boy, compared to the other children of his age.

The elevation of Muji town is above 3,400m. Meaning that even a small jump or a short run, will trigger his hypoxia, and his lips will immediately turn purple. 

Because of this, his immune system is so weak that he catches a cold in the beginning and end of almost every month.

Please help him!

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