Meet the team

Get to know the passionate people behind Purple Bubble.  We are united in our passion to make a difference and lasting change in the lives of children diagnosed with congenital heart disease. Read on to learn more about who we are and what we do.

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Casy Li

Chief Founder | Administrator | Outreach

Native-born in Beijing, Casy is a sophomore from Emma Willard School, an all-girl boarding school in Troy, New York. Her hobbies include playing the piano, Chinese traditional dance, ballet, a capella, and horseback riding. In her spare time, she loves writing as a way of expression, and sometimes make a little money from it by submitting for publication. As her future occupation, Casy looks into the medical field, and is specifically fond of dentistry. She is the chief founder of Purple Bubble, and is in charge of administration, outreach, and editing at Purple Bubble.


Cynthia Zhang

Editor | Writer/Musician | Literature Reviewer

Hailing from Beijing, Cynthia is a sophomore at Northfield Mount Hermon, a boarding school in Massachusetts. She explores the surrounding world through an artistic lens of creative writing. Outside of writing, Cynthia mentors English, piano, and music theory. She enjoys the works of Debussy and Liszt, debating, and learning about behavioral economics. Her other very committed hobbies are discovering new places to eat, binge-watching Netflix, and drinking coffee! Cynthia is a literature reviewer, editor, writer, and musician at Purple Bubble.


Jackie Huang

Website Manager|Editor | Writer

Jackie Huang, a 15-year-old Beijinger spends her time studying at a public high school in Scarsdale, New York. An avid reader, writer, runner, singer, and actress in the dramatic arts, she finds herself to be the happiest when pursuing what she loves. You will mostly spot her locked away in a room at night, as busy days and socializing can easily drain her (an extroverted introvert they say). Jackie is a writer, website manager, and layout editor at Purple Bubble.


David Lyu

Layout Editor | Artist

David comes from Beijing and is a freshman at Cranbrook, a boarding school in Michigan. He enjoys swimming, playing hockey, and trying new sports! He also likes to paint, play the guitar, and collect memes for his meme account in his free time. David is the layout editor and artist at Purple Bubble.


Jasmine Wan

Layout Editor I Artist

Currently living in Shanghai due to corona, Jasmine is a sophomore at the Webb Schools in SoCal. Starting from a young age, she has developed a strong interest in experimenting with different forms of arts. Lately, Jasmine is obsessed with photography and oil-painting - she loves her camera more than anything. She also loves watching Netflix along with some late night snacks and going out with friends. Jasmine is a layout editor and artist at Purple Bubble.


Winnie Liu

Accounting | Outreach

Winnie is a sophomore at The Hill, a boarding school in Pennsylvania. She is a “recruited” athlete who works her way to state championships. Apart from sports, she indulges in math, debating, reading, and photography. Her recreational hobbies include sleeping, watching YouTube, vlogging, and bugging her friends. Her motivational motto: “you gotta be creative with mathematics.” She is in charge of accounting and outreach at Purple Bubble.

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Rose Yu

Staff Writer | Editor

Native to Earth, Rose is a writer and editor at Purple Bubble. She loves writing(in English and Chinese), listening to music, psychology, wrestling, shipping couples in Shakespeare’s work, Latin, and Roman history. “I want to live poetically.” Rose said, “We need to go back to the moon!” Although that was total nonsense, but we can get a picture of how Rose is like. She is publishing her work at Purple Bubble under the alia of Rosalia, and hoping one day she would become an anti-super-hero.


Nicky Sun

Staff Writer

Nicky is from Beijing and she is a sophomore at Collingwood School located in West Vancouver. She loves spending time listening to music, singing, dancing, writing and playing tennis. Nicky is a writer at Purple Bubble and she hopes that you’ll find her writings interesting and some what kind of relatable since her writings are mostly based on her own experiences :)


Athena Mo


Athena is a sophomore at Keystone Academy based in Beijing, China. Growing up, she expected herself to become an artist, though expectedly, she is now fascinated with computer science. In her spare time, she is the coordinator & programmer for an all-girls FRC team, an active sailor, a flute player, and a debater. She is an artist for Purple Bubble.


Sam Li


Sam is a freshman at Milton Academy, Massachusetts. Sam enjoys visual art, performance art such as directing and acting. He also likes debate. He has a rather peculiar liking towards the study of entomology (especially Coleopteros), astronomy listening, and collecting well-fabricated horror stories to share amongst his friends. Sam is an artwork reviewer and artist at Purple Bubble.